iStock 000007156851XSmallBusiness requirements often mean that a ‘one-size fits all’ approach to buying software is not always the best.  We can provide solutions to your needs from writing a complete software application, to adapting existing software by developing add-ons and extra functionality. We primarily work with Microsoft Windows based operating systems but internet based software spans many different systems and devices.

Even though each project will have different requirements, we will follow similar procedures including full client discussion, developing a project plan, client approval before we commence development work.  Once the development work is complete and deployed, we also offer continued support.


iStock 000005934047XSmallOur expertise covers VB/, C#, ASP/, HTML, Javascript, TSQL, Foxpro & Crystal reporting. For databases our experience includes MS Access, MySQL, SQL Server & SQL Replication. We also have experience with using barcodes and integrating Google mapping.

Our knowledge of web-based job management systems, EDI and business processes mean we are well placed to meet your needs.  Accounting systems are our speciality and as such we are a registered Sage Developer, but also have experience of Pegasus Opera and Microsoft Office Accounting.  With the added advantage of using our in-house accountant for any advice, together we can develop your accounting system to integrate with the important areas of your business.   This also works the other way round and allows critical business operations integrate into the accounting system thereby creating efficiencies.